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28-Way Splitter System for Satellite Radio Commercial Services

28-Way Splitter System for Satellite Radio Commercial Services
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Pixel Technologies

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Signal Distribution
What's Included:
(28) RG-6 to SMB patch cables | (28) F-male to F-male splice adapters | (7) 4-Way amplified splitters | (7) 20dB power passing attenuators | Inline amplifier | 2-Way passive coupler | (2) 4-Way power passing couplers | (9) 1 ft RG-6 cables
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This splitter kit system connects up to 28 cable lines, using 7 Four-Way Amplified Splitters and 2 Four-Way Couplers.

  • Use one antenna to connect as many as 28 XM Radio receivers.
  • Run the cable to your desired length.
  • This commercial receiver splitter works inside and outside.
  • The 28-way signal splitter uses RG-6 cable.

In the world of commercial audio entertainment, this 28-way signal splitter helps make it easier on everyone. Featuring the ability to work with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, applications for this 28-way XM radio receiver include home, commercial, and recreational vehicles (RV). With the ability to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as 60 degrees Celsius, this signal splitter can function both inside and outside without losing quality.

  • Technical Specs
    • Model #: SR-28
    • Manufacturer: Pixel Technologies
    • Dimensions: N/A
    • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Component Specs
    • 4-Way Splitter:
      • Splitter Gain at 2.335 GHz (4.5 VDC): 8 dB
      • Max noise figure: 3 dB
      • Max input signal: -10 dBm (with supplied db attenuator @ 4.5 VDC)
      • Current consumption: 40-100 milliamps
      • DC power passing: All ports diode protected
      • DC voltage drop (output to input): 0.5 VDC typical
    • 4-Way Coupler:
      • Splitter Loss at 2.335 GHz:-12 dB max
      • DC power passing:All ports, both directions 
  • Package Includes
    • (7) Amplified Splitters
    • (28) F-female to SMB-plug cable (3 feet)
    • (28) F-71 F-male to F-male coupler
    • (7) 20 dB power passing attenuator
    • (7) SMB-jack to F-male adapter
    • (18) Mounting Screws
    • (2) 4-way Coupler
    • (7) 12-inch RG6 Cables
  • Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals