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XM Direct 2 XM Direct Receiver CNP2000UCA

XM Direct Universal Tuner Box

Item Number:  CNP2000UCA

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Product Description

The Audiovox CNP2000UCA XM Direct 2 Car Kit is a universal XM Satellite Radio programmable interface adapter. Designed for use in the car, the XM satellite radio combines a programmable adapter with your home computer to work with the in-dash receiver. You easily can change channels and see programming information on your stereo's display. The adapter can be reprogrammed to work with a different dash receiver allowing you to use this adapter for years to come. A subscription to XM is required, as well as an additional, brand-specific cable that connects the adapter to your receiver (not included). Audiovox offers a one-year warranty.

Product Overview

  • Use your Existing Aftermarket Head Unit
    Allows conversion of your existing aftermarket head unit into an XM Radio receiver.
  • Web Based Update
    Web based update software will ensure latest software.
  • Compatible With More Then 350 Different Head units
    For a full list of compatible units click here.
  • Includes An Additional Expansion Port
    Use the included expansion post to connect additional devices (i.e. CD Changers and iPod adapters).
  • Programmable Adapter
    Programmable adapter allows you to download and update software via web or CD-ROM.
  • Update With Your Computer
    Requires programming from a computer running Windows XP and Internet Explorer before installation in the car.

Technical Specs

Model #. CNP2000UCA
Manufacturer: Audiovox

Package Includes

  • Programmable interface adapter
  • Mini-Tuner car dock
  • XM Direct 2 Vehicle Tuner
  • Magnetic Roof-mount Antenna
  • USB programming cable

Product Images

CNP2000UC universal headunit connector

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • XM Direct 2 Car kit Product Manual (PDF)
  • Windows 7 Driver Error Configuration Manual (DOC)
    Click Here to Download

Product Videos

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