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XMPA-1 XMPA1 XMP3 Inno Helix Boombox Adapter Plate

XM Boombox Adapter Plate for Pioneer Inno and Samsung Helix Receivers

Boombox Adapter for XMBB1 XMAS100 and F5X007 Boombox for Pioneer Inno & Helix XM Receivers

Item Number:  XMPA1

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Product Description

This adapter allows you to use your Pioneer Inno or Samsung Helix on the newer Audiovox boomboxes including the XMAS100 and XMBB1. There is nothing to setup, simply plug in this adapter into your boombox, plug in your Inno, or Helix and then sit back and enjoy the best of music, talk, and sports that only XM can offer!

Note: This adapter will not work for the SA10221 Delphi Premium Sound System. You will need an SA10307 adapter for the Premium Sound System.

Product Overview

Technical Specs

Model #. XMPA1
Manufacturer: Audiovox
Weight: 3ounces

Package Includes

  • XMPA1 Adapter Plate

Product Images

XMPA1 Boombox Adapter Plate for XMAS100 and XMBB1 Boombox

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • XMPA1 Adapter Plate Product Manual (PDF)

Product Videos

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