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XM Radio 5 Volt Home Power Adapter

Universal 5Volt XM Satellite Radio Home Power Supply smps5v2a-xm

Item Number:  OTZ00243M

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Product Description

The Home XM Radio Power Adapter provides unlimited power to your XM Satellite Radio receiver whenever you need it, through an AC outlet (120-volt only). Please note–this is the same power adapter as the Belkin F5X006 and the smps5v2a-xm.

Product Overview

  • Works with any 5 volt XM Satellite Radio in its home cradle
  • Provides continuous power from any home or office 110V AC power outlet
  • Outputs 5.5 Volts up to 2000mA

Technical Specs

Model #. OTZ00243M & F5X006 & smps5v2a-xm
Manufacturer: Belkin / XM Radio
Weight: Rec. 4 ounces

Compatible Receivers

Package Includes

  • 5 Volt AC Power Adapter

Product Images

OTZ00243M XM Satellite Radio 5volt Power Supply

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