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xm100 bracket mount bracket for commercial xm radio

XM-100 Rack Mount Bracket

Antex XM100 Mount Bracket for XM Radio Commercial Satellite Radio Receiver

Item Number:  ANTX201-0620

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Product Description

With our new XM-100 Rack Mount Bracket, you can offer your customers the finest in commercial free XM Radio, while conveniently mounting the XM-100 commercial satellite radio receiver. The XM-100 from Antex Electronics, is the first commercial XM Satellite Radio tuner available with advanced features and functionality designed especially to meet the professional needs of retailers, hotel and conference center managers, and other businesses looking for professionally programmed commercial-free entertainment. The XM-100 delivers all the advantages of XM Satellite Radio’s more than 150 digital channels of music, news, sports and entertainment in a receiver fashioned with unique features for the business customer.

NOTE: Please note the XM-100 receiver is sold seperately.

Product Overview

  • Easy-To-Use Bracket Mount
    Save space by installing in your existing rack.
  • Guarantied Fitment
    The rack mount it specifically designed to work with your XM-100.

Technical Specs

Model #. ANTX2010620
Manufacturer: Antex
Weight: 2 lbs.

Package Includes

  • ANTX201-0620, XM-100 Rack Mount Bracket

Product Images

XM-100 Rack Mount

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • XM-100 Rack Mount Bracket Product Manual (PDF)

Product Videos

  • Coming Soon

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