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Two-Way Passive Satellite Radio Splitter Coupler Kit

Used to connect two SRCS4WSK splitter kits

Item Number:  SRSC2

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Model SRSC-2: Two-Way Passive Satellite Radio Splitter Coupler Kit

This kit includes the splitter and two cables to permit operation from a single antenna of two SR-4 splitters connected to multiple (up to eight) satellite radios. The loss of this passive splitter at 2.35 GHz is compensated by the excess gain (8 dB min) of the SR-4. The resulting 8-way network exhibits a gain of 3.5 dB (minimum).

This Coupler is optomized for the Satellite Radio Commercial Services® Splitter Model SR-4 for use in configuring 8-way splitter networks. This splitter is power passing on all ports (in both directions) and is not recommended for use as a two-way independent splitter, as damage to the radios wil result. It is designed only for use in combining other diode protected splitters (such as the SR-4) which are connected to the radios and prevent cross coupling of the DC bias voltages at the output of each radio.

This coupler when used with two SR-4 splitters will permit RG-6 cable runs from teh SR-4 output to the radio of 30 feet. To extend these cable runs, place a Pixel Model SBA-1 line amplifier at the input of the SRSC-2 coupler. For example on amplifier will permit cable runs of up to 150 feet.

Please Note: This is NOT a splitter. It is a coupler. A coupler is used to join 2 seperate splitter kits off of the same line. Please see the 2-Way Splitter Coupler Kit user guide (pdf) for more details.

Package Details:
Passive two-way coupler / signal splitter (1)
12 inch RG-6 cables (F-male to F-male) (2)
Product Specifications:
Splitter Loss at 2.335 GHz:

-4.5 dB max

Will operate outdoors or indoors over a temperature range of:

- 40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius

DC power passing:

DC power passing, all ports, both directions (no diode protection)

Technical Specifications:
Model #:



Satellite Radio Commercial Services®


1.65" W x .97" L x .64" H

Shipping Weight:

2 lbs.

Available Documentation:
In order to view our radio hardware manuals online, youll need to have Adobes Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you dont yet have Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobes web site to download the reader free of charge.
2-Way Splitter Coupler Kit

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