SiriusXM Radio Adjustable Gooseneck Mount

ARKON SR188-G17 Satellite Radio Seat Bolt Mount
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Compatible Receivers 1:
OnyX Plus,OnyX EZ,Stratus 7,OnyX,Edge,Lynx,MiRGE,XMP3,XMP3i,Xpress,XpressEZ,XpressR,XpressRC,XpressRCi,Streamer,Streamer GT,Streamer R,InV/InV2,Sirius One SV1,S50,Visor,XTR7,XTR8,SIR-PNP1,SIR-PNP2,SIR-PNP3,SIR-CMB5,SR04,Calypso,H2EC,SR4000,CRSR-10
Compatible Receivers 2:
Sportster 1,Sportster 2/R,Sportster 3,Sportster 4,Sportster 5,Sportster 6,Starmate 1,Starmate 2/R,Starmate 3,Starmate 4,Starmate 5,Starmate 6,Starmate 7,Starmate 8,Stiletto 10/100,Stiletto 2,Stratus 3 SV3,Stratus 4,Stratus 5,Stratus 6,Stream Jockey
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Gooseneck seat bolt mount

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The 15" flexible gooseneck steel mounting pedestal attaches directly to the seat bolt on the passenger side of the vehicle. It has emerged as one of the more popular methods for mounting in the car as it works in nearly all vehicles. Best of all, this solution DOES NOT require drilling. NOTE: This pedestal includes all the necessary adapters to work with all Sirius and XM Radio Plug and Play satellite radio receivers.

Product Overview

  • Secure Seat Mount
  • Rather than drilling or running cables in your car use this gooseneck mount to get a clean and easy installation.
  • Hassle Free Installation
  • Simply atach your Radio cradle for safe, secure, no-hassle installation.

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SR188-G17
  • Manufacturer: ARKON
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Package Includes

  • Seat Bolt Bracket
  • Floor / Console Bracket
  • 15in Flexible Steel Gooseneck with Plastic Tubing
  • Single T Head
  • AP012 2-Way T-Slot to 4-Hole AMPS Adapter Plate
  • Screws and (4) Plastic Caps

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