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Sirius XM Radio Motorcycle Strap Mount

GN034-SBH Motorcycle and bicycle strap mount that attaches to the handlebars and is compatible with both SIRIUS and XM Radio receivers.

Item Number:  SR134

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Product Description

This motorcycle handlebar strap mount from Arkon is a great way to easily and safely mount your SIRIUS XM Radio receiver to your motorcycle or bicycle. The flexible strap of this mount makes it a great fit for any type of handlebar, even square ones. Includes AMPS adapter plate & T-Notch adapter for Sirius or XM satellite radio receivers.

Product Overview

  • Convenient
    Mounts conveniently and securely to the handlebars on your motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Compatible
    Can be used with any XM Radio receiver that uses the t-notch adapter, or with any SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiver when using the AP012 AMPS to t-notch adapter.

Technical Specs

Model #: GN034-SBH
Manufacturer: Arkon

Compatible Receivers

Package Includes

  • GN034-SBH Handlebar Strap Mount
  • AMPS Adapter Plate

Product Images

Arkon handlebar mount for XM Radio receivers shown with t-notch adapter

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