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Product Manuals

Product Manuals

Hardwired Power Adaptor (5V-HPK)
SiriusXM Motorcycle Case (SR-GPS032)

XM Marine Antenna (XMPT-MA)
Pixel Technologies Outdoor Antenna (SR-6P)

XM Waterproof Case (XMME-KIT)
Antex SXM100 Product Manual (PDF)

Pixel Technologies Commercial Outdoor Antenna (PRO600)

Motorcycle Antenna (AWSR-232045MT) Pixel Technologies Amplified Outdoor Antenna (PRO500)
Thru-Glass Antenna (TWGL-SR2) Pixel Technologies Power Inserter (PS-1)
Wireless FM Transmitter (SRS-FMT200) Starmate 8 with PowerConnect™ (SST8V1)
SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit (SXPL1V1) Stratus 7 with Vehicle Kit (SSV7V1)
SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Home Kit (SXPL1H1) Stratus 6 with PowerConnect™ (SDSV6V1)
XM Onyx EZ with Vehicle Kit (XEZ1V1)  XACT (XTR7)
XM Onyx EZ with Home Kit (XEZ1H1) Stiletto 2 (SL2)
SiriusXM Lynx™ (SXi1) Stiletto 100 (SL100)
SiriusXM Edge with Vehicle Kit (SX1EV1) Stiletto 10 (SL10)
SiriusXM Edge with Home Kit (SX1EH1) SIRIUS S50 (S50)
XM-EXT50 50' Extension Kit Sportster 5 with PowerConnect™ (SDSP5V1)
SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio (TTR1) Sportster 5 (SP5)
SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (SXV200V1) Sportster 4 (SP4)
SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (SXV100V1) Sportster 3 (SP3)
XM XpressRCi (XDRC2V1) Sportster Replay (SPR2)
XM Onyx with Vehicle Kit (XDNX1V1) Sportster (SPR1)
XM Onyx with Home Kit (XDNX1H1) Starmate 5 with PowerConnect™ (SDST5V1)
XM SkyDock™ (XVSAP1V1) Starmate 5 (ST5)
XM Snap (XVSAP1V1) Starmate 4 (ST4)
XMp3i™ Portable Radio (XPMP3H1) Starmate 3 (ST3)
SiriusXM Dock & Play Home Kit (SXDH3) Starmate Replay (ST2)
SiriusXM Dock & Play Vehicle Kit (SXDV3) Starmate (ST1)
SiriusXM Portable Speaker Dock SD2 (SXSD2) Stratus 5 (SV5)
SiriusXM Lynx LH1 Bluetooth Home Kit (SXiBH1) Stratus 4 (SV4)
SiriusXM Lynx™ LV1 Vehicle Kit (SXiV1) Stratus (SV3)
XMp3™ Vehicle Kit for Aux-In Vehicles (XMPCAR1) MiRGE (SXMIR1TK1)
XMp3i Home Kit (XMHOME1) InV2 (SI2)
XMp3i Additional Home Kit (XAPH1) InV (SV2)
XMp3i PowerConnect™ Vehicle Kit (XAPV2) SIRIUS One (SV1)
XM Dock & Play Home Kit (XADH1/XADH2) TTR1 (TTR1)
XM Dock & Play PowerConnect™ Second Vehicle Kit (XADV2) SRH2000 (SR-H2000)
SiriusXM Portable Speaker Dock BB2 (SXABB2) SiriusConnect™ Home (SCH1)
Portable Speaker Dock (SXABB1) SiriusConnect™ Home Pro (SCH2P)
XM Compact Sound System (XMAS100) SIRIUS Conductor (SCH1W)
XM Sound System (XMXMBB1) SIRIUS Home Tuner (SRH550)
XM Direct Home Tuner (XHD2H1) Starbase (SCFM1)
XM Mini-Tuner (CNP2000H) SiriusConnect™ Vehicle Tuner (SCC1)
XM CommanderMT SiriusConnect™ for GM Vehicles (SIR-GM1)
FM Direct Adapter (FMDA25) SiriusConnect™ Vehicle Kit (SCVDOC1)
Sportscaster R101 Alpine SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-ALP1)
Sportcaster Home Kit (XM101HK) Alpine SiriusConnect™ Audio + Traffic Tuner (SIR-ALP10T)
Sportscaster Car Kit (XM101VK) Eclipse SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-ECL1)
CDE-124SXM Eclipse SiriusConnect™ Audio + Traffic Tuner (SIR-ECL2nt)
CDA-9820XM JVC SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-JVC1)
Alpine XM™ Traffic Data Receiver Module (HCE-100XM) Kenwood SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-KEN1)
Alpine XM Radio Tuner Module (TUA-T020XM) Panasonic SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-PAN1)
Alpine XM Radio/Changer System (XMA-T200RF) Pioneer SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-PNR1)
XM3020 Powered Audio System Pioneer SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-PNR2)
XM3120 Powered Audio System Sony SiriusConnect™ Tuner (SIR-SNY1)
inMotion iMX2 Sony Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (SNYSC1)
XM20 Constellation Rooftop Mount Antenna SiriusXM Portable Speaker Dock SD2 (SXSD2)
Audiovox Commander MT FM Direct Adapter (FMDA25)
Audiovox Protocol Interface Adapter and XM Direct 2 Tuner (CNP2000UCA) SiriusXM Portable Speaker Dock BB2 (SXABB2)
Audiovox FM Direct Adapter (XMFM1) Portable Speaker Dock (SXABB1)
Audiovox XpressR (XMCK-20P) Dock & Play Home Kit (SUP-H1)
Audiovox XpressEZ (XMCK-5P) Sirius Dock & Play PowerConnect™ Second Vehicle Kit (SADV2)
Audiovox Satellite Digital Audio Control and Receiver System (SRXM-00) 50 Foot Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Extension Kit (SIREXT50)
Audiovox XR9 Satellite Radio Receiver SiriusConnect™ Home Kit for Sirius-Ready Home Receivers(SCHDOC1)
Universal Xpress Car Kit (XMC10A) Home Signal Distribution Kit for Sirius Radios (SHDK1)
Universal Xpress Home Kit (XMH10A) Home Signal Distribution Kit - Cable TV & Sirius (SCDK1)
XM Compact Sound System Alpine Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (KCA-SC100)
XMCK10A/10AB/10AP Xpress Receiver Antex Multizone Home (SRX-3)
XM SureConnect Audiovox (SIR-PNP1)
Audio System Audiovox (SIR-PNP3)
Mobility Kit for Xpress and RoadyXT Audiovox (SIR-PNP2)
XM Universal Remote Audiovox Home Receiver Sirius Home Tuners (CE1000SR)
Xpress & RoadyXT Home Kit Audiovox Universal FM System (SRSIR-001FM )
FM Direct Audiovox (SRSIR-001FMR)
MyFi Receiver Blaupunkt America (SR04)
Premium Sound System Brix Streamer System (SIR-STRPNP1)
RoadyXT Streamer GT (SIR-SL1)
RoadyXT, SKYFi and SKYFi2 Boombox Streamer GTR (SIR-GTRC1)
Signal Repeater Streamer Replay (SIR-STRC1)
SKYFi Clarion (SIRPNP)
SKYFi 2 Clarion Calypso
SKYFi 2 Home/Car Kit Clarion Tuner (SIRCL1)
SKYFi 3 Home Kit Clarion Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (CLA-SC1 )
SKYFi 3 Car Kit Directed Electronics Honda/Acura Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface (HON-SC1)
XM Roady Directed Electronics Toyota Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface (TOY-SC1)
XM Roady 2 Home Signal Distribution Kit - Satellite TV & Sirius (14255)
XM Radio Smart Antenna (GXM-30) Eclipse Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter(ECL-SC1)
XM Mini-Tuner Interface Dock (KCA-XM100V) Jensen Universal FM System (SSR2000)
GEX-P10XMT JVC Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (KS-SRA100 )
GEX-P920XM JVC Sirius KT-SR1000
GEX-P900XM Kenwood Home (DT-7000S)
GEX-FM903XM Kenwood (H2EV)
inno Kenwood Here to Everwhere (KPA-H2EC)
inno Car Kit Kenwood Here2Anywhere™ Portable SIRIUS Satellite Tuner(KTC-H2A1)
inno Home Kit Kenwood Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (KCA-SR50)
XMp3 Kenwood KAB Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Cable (KCA-SR20V)
XMp3 Car Kit Niles Sirius Tuner Module (TM-SIRIUS)
XMp3 Home Kit Panasonic Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (CA-PANSC1U)
XRt12 Reference Tuner Panasonic Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (CA-LSR01U)
Samsung Helix™ Pioneer Compatible SiriusConnect™ Interface Adapter (CD-SB10)
Helix Car Kit Polk Audio Designs Sirius Home Tuner (SR-H1000)
Helix Home Kit RadioShack Orbiter (SR4000)
Samsung NeXus™ 25 & 50 Russound Home Tuner (ST2S)
NeXus Car Kit Sanyo System (CRSR-10)
NeXus Home Kit Sanyo (ESR-T100)
DRN-XM01C Digital Audio Receiver Sonos Multi-Room Music System (Bundle 130)
DRN-XM01R Digital Audio Receiver Grace GDI-IR1000
DRN-XM01H Digital Audio Receiver Grace ITC-IR1000
DRN-XM01C2 Digital Audio Receiver Accessory Kit Tivoli's SIRIUS table radio
DRN-XM01R2 Digital Audio Receiver Accessory Kit XACT Stream Jockey (XTR1)
DRN-XM01H2 Digital Audio Receiver Accessory Kit Xact Stream Jockey (XTR2)
XT-XM1 XM Satellite Radio Receiver Xact (XTR8CK)
XM-RVR-FM-001 XM Commander Xact Visor (XTR3CK)
TRK-SR1 Glass-Mount Satellite Radio Antenna  
TRK-SR2 Roof-Mount Satellite Radio Antenna  
XM4-CLIP Long-Haul Truck and RV Clip-Mount Satellite Radio Antenna  
SR4X-MM Long-Haul Truck and RV Mirror-Mount Satellite Radio Antenna  

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