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Pioneer XMP3i Satellite Radio Complete Home Kit XAPH1

Pioneer XMP3i Complete Home Kit

Home Kit for Pioneer XMP3i Portable XM Radio Receiver

Item Number:  XAPH1

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Product Description

Enjoy the XMP3i in your home with the the XMP3i home kit. This kit has the parts needed to connect the XMP3i to any home stereo system. Some cars may require the use of a SureConnect adapter, XM tape adapter, or FM Direct adapter. For using your XMP3i in your car use the XMP3i car kit.

Product Overview

  • Complete Solution
    This home kit powers, charges, gives signal, and audio output for your Pioneer XMP3 or Audiovox XMP3i XM Satellite Raido Receiver.
  • Universally Compatible
    Enables connection to any existing audio system with RCA inputs.

Technical Specs

Model #. XAPH1
Manufacturer: Audiovox

Package Includes

  • Home Dock
  • Power Adapter
  • Home Antenna
  • Audio Cables
  • Remote Control

Product Images

audiovox xmp3i home kit

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Product Videos

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