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CNPPAN1 Panasonic XM Radio XM Direct2 Kit

Panasonic XM Direct 2 Complete Bundle

Complete Solution for PANASONIC XM Ready Car Stereos

Item Number:  CNPPAN1, CNP2000UCA

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Product Description

This package is a complete solution for PANASONIC XM Ready car stereo head units. The AudioVox CNP2000UC XM Direct 2 Car Kit is a universal XM Satellite Radio programmable interface adapter. Designed for use in the car, the XM satellite radio combines a programmable adapter and the XM Mini-Tuner, where you can program the adapter with your home computer to work with the in-dash receiver. You easily can change channels and see programming information on your stereo's display. The PANASONIC adapter included in this bundle allows you to use the XM Radio service through the car stereo without additional hardware. You can also use the XM Mini-Tuner receiver cartridge with your XM-ready home receiver or in another vehicle with a compatible dock. A subscription to XM is required. AudioVox offers a one-year warranty.

Product Overview

  • Use your Existing Aftermarket PANASONIC Head Unit
    Allows conversion of PANASONIC aftermarket head units into an XM Radio receiver.
  • Web Based Update
    Web based update software will ensure latest software.
  • Compatible With PANASONIC Head Units
    For a full list of compatible units click here.
  • Includes An Additional Expansion Port
    Use the included expansion post to connect additional devices (i.e. CD Changers and iPod adapters).
  • Programmable Adapter
    Programmable adapter allows you to download and update software via web or CD-ROM.
  • Update With Your Computer
    Requires programming from a computer running Windows XP and Internet Explorer before installation in the car.

Technical Specs

Model #. CNP2000UC, CNPPAN1
Manufacturer: AudioVox
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

Compatible Equipment

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Package Includes

  • Mini-Tuner (CNP2000)
  • Programmable interface adapter
  • CNPPAN1 PANASONIC connection cable
  • Mini-Tuner car dock
  • Mounting bracket
  • Roof-mount Antenna
  • USB programming cable

Product Images

CNP2000UC universal headunit connector XM Direct CNP2000UC CNPPAN1 Bundle XM Direct 2 Panasonic Connection Cable for Panasonic XM Ready Head Units

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • XM Direct 2 Car kit Product Manual (PDF)

Product Videos

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