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SiriusXM Radio 50 dollar rebate
SiriusXM Radio onyX EZ receiver with home kit

onyX EZ XM Satellite Radio Receiver with Home Kit

Get XM Radio on any home or business stereo that has AUX inputs. Includes the onyX EZ receiver, power adapter, cradle, audio cables and home antenna.
Item Number: XEZ1V1 REC, XADH1
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Product Description

Now you can purchase the XM onyX EZ Receiver and onyX Home Kit without having to purchase a car kit. This package includes the onyX receiver, home power adapter, home docking cradle, auxiliary cables, and home indoor/outdoor antenna. Installation of this unit is sinmple, just place the antenna in a window that faces south or outside the building. Connect the power adapter to the cradle and plug into into a wall outlet. Then connect the auxiliary cables to a stereo or powered speaker system and dock  the radio in the cradle. Once you are receiving signal simply call or go online to activate service. It's that easy! And if you ever want to enjoy XM Radio in your car simply add an onyX vehicle kit.

Product Overview

  • Clear Blue Display
    The XM onyX features large crisp display showing important information such as Artist Name and Station Name
  • 10 Channel Presets
    Easily navigate between your 10 favorite XM stations.
  • PowerConnect
    This accessory allows you to play your XM radio through your car stereo system without having to take apart your headunit or use a tape adapter.
  • Customizable Faceplate
    The onyX allows you to choose from three different trim ring colors and six different display colors to create the perfect mood inside your home or vehicle.
  • Works with Universal Kits
    Universal Plug & Play connector for new XM accessories
  • Plug n Play
    The onyX is compatible with a large variety of XM accessories and kits.
  • Universally Compatible
    Listen with any audio system: Works with any stereo system or set of powered speakers that have audio input jacks.

Technical Specs

Model #. XEZ1V1, XADH1
Manufacturer: SiriusXM
Weight: Rec. 6 ounces

Compatible Equipment

Package Includes

  • XM onyX EZ Satellite Radio Receiver
  • Home Dock
  • Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna
  • Home Power Adapter
  • Stereo Audio Cable
  • User Guide

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SIRIUS XM onyX EZ Receiver with home kit

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