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onyXEZ boating bundle kit

onyX EZ Marine Kit with Flush Antenna

Get XM Satellite Radio on your boat with this complete marine kit. Includes SiriusXM onyX EZ receiver


Item Number: XMME-KIT001,XEZ1V1-REC
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Product Description

Listen to your XM onyX Plus on your boat with a complete marine solution that protects your radio from damaging water, salt water, salt fog, UV rays, and dust. With the ProTechT™ Water-Resistant Marine Housing Kit, your XM radio can play where you play, from the boat to the car or home, all with one affordable XM subscription. This special package includes our complete marine kit along with the latest SiriusXM onyX EZ receiver. Perfect for your boating adventures!

Product Overview

  • Ultimate Protection
    The ProTechT Marine Kit's water-resistant Marine Housing docks and protects your XM radio from damaging water, salt water, salt fog, UV rays, and dust
  • Strong Visibility
    The XM radio's full display remains visible through the front window—allowing you to see the channel, artist and song title information
  • Direct Channel Entry
    Use the number keys to directly enter channel numbers, or select up to 10 channel presets
  • Durable Mounting Bracket
    A heavy-duty, adjustable mounting bracket secures the housing, and the stainless steel mounting hardware resists rust and corrosion
  • Marine Grade XM Antenna
    The compact, all-weather XM Marine Antenna is designed for use with exposure to water, salt water, salt fog, UV rays, and dust, and the 25' cable allows placement flexibility
  • Remote Control
    A water-proof, floating Remote Control (two AAA batteries included) operates your radio while it's inside the housing
  • Direct Audio Connection
    The included 3.5mm Audio Cable lets you connect your XM radio directly to your boat's stereo system via an Audio/Auxiliary Input port (if equipped). Otherwise, you can use the included FM Direct adapter to listen to XM over your boat's FM radio

Technical Specs

Model #. XMME-KIT001
Manufacturer: ProBrand
Weight: 4lbs

Receiver Features

  • Large Blue Display
    Large crisp picture displays important information such as Artist Name and Station Name
  • 10 Channel Presets
    Easily navigate between your 10 favorite XM stations.
  • Works with Universal Kits
    Universal Plug & Play connector for new XM accessories
  • Plug n Play
    The onyX is compatible with a large variety of XM accessories and kits. You can add a boombox or home kit to your order and truely listen to XM anywhere.
  • Warranty
    90 Day Warranty through SiriusXM Radio.

Package Includes

  • Water-resistant Marine Housing
  • XM Marine Antenna
  • Water-proof, floating Remote Control (two AAA Batteries also included)
  • FM Direct Adapter
  • Audio Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Stainless steel Mounting Hardware
  • Rubber Spacers
  • RoadyXT Support Insert
  • User Guide
  • SiriusXM onyX EZ receiver

Product Images

XMME-KIT001 Box Packaging for Marine Kit audiovox xpress EZ receiver XM Satellite Radio XMME-KIT001 XM Radio Case with XpressEZ Receiver

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