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XM Direct Adapters for Aftermarket Car Stereos


XM Direct adapters are the solution for getting XM Radio into any aftermarket car stereo system such as SONY, JVC, ALPINE and more. The XM adapter cable connects to the back of the car stereo and to the XM tuner box. Connect the antenna on the roof of the car to the XM tuner and you will have XM service playing through the car stereo. You will be able to change XM channels through the car stereo. This options offers the best in sound quality of all the options for listening to XM Radio in a vehicle. Please watch the following video to learn more about the installation process for XM Direct Adapters.

XM Mini Tuner


The XM Mini Tuner is a direct connect XM Radio receiver that connects to the back of your home theater tuner such as Onkyo, SONY, Harmon Kardon, Yamaha, Denon and Pioneer. The unit connects into the XM Radio port on the back of the tuner and allows the home  theater tuner to control the changing of channels and for clear sound quality. It comes packaged with a home antennna that needs to be either in a window with southern exposure of outside the building with a view of the souther sky.

We also have higher quality antennas and antenna extensions for running cable lengths longer than the supplied 22 foot antenna that comes with the XM Mini Tuner.



Streaming music has met XM Radio. This unit is perfect for those who want to use XM Radio anywhere they have an internet connection. The unit features channel presets, Wi-Fi and connectivity plus it has an AUX input which allows you to play another device through the speakers. The sound quality is better than expected from a table top radio.

The TTR1 is a Satellite Radio Superstore office staff favorit receiver.



The SRH2000 is the highest quality and feature rich SIRIUS XM receiver on the market today. It offers the best in sound quality and control with digital outputs, RS232 control and much more. This unit is perfect for home theater enthusiests who either do not have the ability to use an XM Mini Tuner or who want extended control with the RS232 controls.

You can also connect the SRH2000 to any TV for onscreen viewing and SIRIUS XM channel surfing. Even  though the SRH2000 is the most expensive receiver out it makes up for it with sound quality and features.

We Are Here to Help

We have tried to cover a lot with this buyers guide but you may have more questions. Please feel free to contact our offices and speak with one of our representatives at 800513.8554.

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