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Portable Receiver Vehicle Installation Options

As with all receivers I recommend that you have it hardwired into the car stereo to ensure the best sound quality, but if you want you can just use the modulator built-into the receiver with the installation of the SureConnect. Below are some of the other options for installing it into your vehicle.

Auxiliary – Mini Jack Connection

This is a simple and clean way to connect to your car stereo as long as you have an input jack in your car. Sound quality is great with the aux input but can very with the quality of the jack, cable and also the stereo. I usually recommend this type of connection if you have the input since it is clean and sounds good. The Pioneer XMP3 is currently the only XM receiver to come with an AUX cable. All XM receivers use a standard male to male connector which can be purchased at any electronics parts store.

Hardwired FM Modulator

If you do not have an AUX input on your car stereo this is the second best way to get quality sound from your XM Radio portable receiver to your car stereo. This direct connection allows for the best sound quality without having to rely on the intermittence of wireless signals. In most cases you can also tie directly into the power of the vehicle leaving your lighter socket free for cell phone or other use. Though they are best for quality, they are the hardest to install. We usually recommend to customers to get professional installation as you will likely need to take the radio out of the dash or remove the dash altogether. The FM modulator we sell is $25.00 and includes installation instructions should you choose to tackle installation yourself. If you are looking for the best sound quality and ensure the best listening experience then the hardwired FM modulator is the right choice for you.

Tape Adapter

If your car has a tape/cassette player you can use a tape adapter to play through the tape player. This device features a AUX plug (mini-jack plug) on one end and a cassette tape on the other end. You simply slide the adapter into the cassette deck and turn on the car stereo. The XM Radio service will play through your car stereo the same as a tape would.

PowerConnect (wireless technology built into new receivers)

The revolutionary SIRIUS|XM PowerConnect™ FM Transmitter works through your vehicle's radio with easy Do-It-Yourself installation and a clear sound. Instead of enjoying static with your XM like with the previous SureConnect, you can now enjoy the true clarity of XM radio. If you live in or commute to a big city like New York or other cities that have allot of radio interference. XM PowerConnect is the best solution for you because it allows you to transmit the signal from your receiver directly to your car antenna. Even if you don't live in areas that have a lot of interference, the PowerConnect technology will allow you to achieve better sound quality with less "air noise".

Connecting Portable Receivers to a Home Stereo

Connecting the any portable or Plug and Play XM Radio receiver to a home theater or home stereo system is simple. The XMP3i comes with a home kit but to connect a Plug and Play receiver you will need to purchase a home kit. Here are the basic steps to follow for a quick installation.

  • Make sure the antenna is in a window or outside the building with a clear view of southern sky
  • Place the receiver in the home kit
  • Plug the power supply into the home cradle and the wall
  • Connect the supplied RCA cable into the back of the home tune and connect the mini-jack end of the cable into the cradle
  • Set your home tuner to the input you have connected the RCA cable into

Each home kit comes with a indoor/outdoor home antenna. We also offer an amplified antenna for increased signal strength.

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