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SiriusXM Radio Motorcycle Package Builder

Build your own custom SiriusXM motorcycle bundle from scratch. Mix and match from a variety of products to make your perfect motorcycle kit.


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Step-by-Step Build the Perfect SiriusXM Motorcycle Bundle

Step 1 - Select Your SiriusXM Receiver Type

  • Not all SiriusXM Receivers are created equally, features matter.
  • The onyX Plus SXPL1V1 is the latest SiriusXM Receiver.
  • The onyX EZ XEZ1V1 is the most cost effective SiriusXM Radio receiver.

Step 2 - Select a Waterproof Case for Your Receiver

  • We offer both a soft and hard waterproof case option.
  • The SR-GPS032 is a zipper pouch with soft platic front panel.
  • The XMPTK1 is a watertight hard plastic case with swivel lid.

Step 3 - Select How to Mount The Case To Your Handlebars

  • We give you 2 distinct options to mount the case to your handlebars.
  • For bikes with round handlebars we suggest the SR127clamp mount.
  • For square or custom handlebars we recommend the strap mount.

Step 4 - Select How to Power Your SiriusXM Receiver

  • Our newest power option is the XMPWRC-PC 5V USB power cable.
  • The 5V-HPK is SiriusXM hardwired power adapter with indicator light.
  • If you have a cigarette light adapter use the SXDPIP1 CLA.

Step 5 - Select Audio Connection from Receiver to Stereo

  • Connect the SiriusXM receiver to your stereo via AUX cable or RCA.
  • The most common way to connect a SiriusXM receiver to your steroe is an AUX cable.
  • If the stereo on your bike has RCA inputs then use the RCA to AUX cable.

Step 6 - Select a Remote Control (Optional but Recommended)

  • Though it's optional we highly recommend selecting a remote control.
  • The XMME-REM is a totally waterproof remote with large buttons.
  • The XPR1 is a standard universal SiriusXM remote with advanced functions.