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MB-2 Pixel Professional Commercial Multi-band 2-Way 2way Splitter AM/FM HD Radio Antenna

MB-2 Multi-Band 2-way Splitter for AFHD-4 Antenna

2-way Splitter for Outdoor AFHD-4 Antenna

Item Number:  MB2

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Product Description

Do you have multiple recievers but only want to run one antenna? If so, then this MB-2 splitter is exactly what you need to split your single AFHD-4 antenna RG-6 output into 2 RG-6 lines. .

Product Overview

  • Please note: You will need the AFSX Kit in addition to this MB-2 to use your AM/FM HD outdoor antenna on multiple receivers

Technical Specs

Model #: MB2
Manufacturer: Pixel
Weight: 4 ounces

Compatible Equipment

Package Includes

  • (1) 2-way Splitter for Outdoor AFHD-4 Antenna

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