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3 Steps You Need To Follow To Enjoy XM Radio!
  1. Choose an XM Radio Receiver:
First we must answer the questions, "e;Where do I want to enjoy my XM Radio Service?"e;. This determines what XM Radio receivers and any equipment you will need to purchase. There are many different units that you can choose from.
  • In The Home:
    There are two types of receivers that can be used it the home or office. Both receive the full line of XM Radio programming and can be purchased on our web site.

    1. The "e;Plug & Play"e; Receiver in the home / office:
      The first is called a "e;Plug & Play"e; receiver which can be used in the home, car, and office. By adding ahome kitwith any of theseunitsyou can connect to any home stereo system throughAUX/RCA cables. Home kits include anindoor/outdoor antenna, power supply, cradle/stand, audio cables and installation instructions. Plug and Play receivers include:MyFi,Roady 2,SKYFiandSKYFi 2,AudioVox XR9/XCS-9, and theSONY.

    2. Digital Reference Tuners:
      Polk Audio offers a new rack mountable XM reference tuner with digital audio output for crystal clear audio and a video output signal for viewing channel info on a TV screen. This unit connects through digital coax or optical connections. ThePolk Audio XRt-12is packaged with an indoor/outdoor antenna, power supply, optical audio cable, installation instructions and owner manual. Currently this unit offers the best sound quality for a home / office XM Radio receiver.

  • In the Car
    There are two types of receivers that can be used in the car. The first is the "e;Plug & Play"e; receiver and the second is a direct connect unit.

    1. The "e;Plug & Play"e; Receiver in the car:
      The first is called a "e;Plug & Play"e; receiver which can be used in the home, car, and office. These can be used in the car with acar kitto play through any AM/FM radio with or without a cassette player. Car kits include cradle/stand, tape adaptor, power supply, swivel mount, additional accessories and installation instructions. Many of the currentXM Radio receivershave built in wireless FM transmitters that can transmit signal to any AM/FM radio alleviating the need to use the tape adaptor. Plug & Play receivers with built in FM transmitters include:MyFi,Roady 2,SKYFi 2, and theAudioVox XR9/XCS-9.

    2. Direct Connection and Hard Wired Receivers:
      For superior sound quality direct connection with the car aftermarket head unit or factory radio is the way to go. There are a few different ways to hard wire your car for XM Radio service.

      1. XM Ready Head Units / XM Direct Box:
        Does your car aftermarket stereo (SONY, Alpine, Kenwood, and Pioneer) have an XM Radio logo? If so, then you need theXM DirectTuner Box. This box connects directly to the back of the aftermarket radio allowing the head unit to control the XM Radio channel selection. Packages include the XM direct tuner box, magnetic antenna, and interface cable.

        Click here to view a listing of the XM Direct units.

      2. XM Commander / No XM Logo on head unit:
        If your head unit does not have an XM Radio logo on the front of the unit then you can use theTERK Commanderfor direct connection to your car stereo system. This unit can connect through the FM antenna or directly through AUX/RCA inputs. This unit comes packaged with the following: includes: display/controller, remote control, micro-antenna, hideaway XM tuner box, and mounting accessories.

        Click here for info on the TERK Commander.

      3. Factory Installed XM Ready Head Units:
        If you are looking to use the control features of the factory installed radio and don't want to change our the radio or use a Plug & Play unit then you will need to contact the dealership. These radios require special parts and are only sold through the dealership network.

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  1. Pick Your Service Plan:

  • Monthly Service Plan:

  • XM offers the lowest monthly subscription in satellite radio:Only $12.95/month.No Contracts. No Gimmicks.
  • Multi-Year Service Packages:

  • Lock in XM's lowest rates with 1,2, 3, 4, or 5 year pre-paid packages.Save at least 20%with no obligation. You can cancel at any time and receive a prorated refund of your unused subscription.
  • Family Plan:

  • Thinking about getting another XM radio? With the XM Family Plan, it'sonly $6.99/monthper radio for your 2nd-5th XM receivers.
Learn More About XM's Subscription Plans
  1. Activate Your Radio:

  2. So, you've chosen your XM receiver. All that's left is to activate it! Get your 8-digit radio ID by tuning your XM receiver to Channel 0.

Have the following available:
  1. Radio ID
  2. Contact information
  3. Payment information
  4. Radio tuned to channel 0
  • XM Listener Care:

  • Call XM Listener Care toll-free at1-800-XM-RADIOto activate your XM service.