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XM Radio Flat Cable

Eagle Aspen Flat Cable

Flat Cable for Installation in Window Sills and Sliding Glass Doors

Item Number:  8FC-300LX-8

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Product Description

Eagle Aspen flat cable is the best way to install your XM Radio antenna using RG-6 cable. This flat cable can be installed in a window or a sliding glass door for easy installation in locations where drilling is not allowed. 

Please note you must use RG-6 cable with this product. If you need to purchase RG-6 cable for use with your XM Radio antenna please contact our offices.

Product Overview

  • Allows for installation in condos, apartments and other locations with window or sliding door access.
  • Signal loss equals 40 feet of cable
  • May need to add an inline amp for increased signal strength
  • Flat cable has female RG-6 connections on both ends
  • For use with RG-6 cable

Technical Specs

Model #. 8FC-300LX-8
Manufacturer: Eagle Aspen
Dimensions: 8 inches
Weight: 1 Ounce

Package Includes

  • Eagle Aspen 8 inch Flat Cable

Product Images

Eagle Aspen 8 inch Flat Cable Eagle Aspen 8 inch Flat

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • Eagle Aspen 8 inch Flat Cable Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Product Videos

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