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Delphi SKYFi Dual Lead Car Cradle

Docking Station for the Delphi SA10002 Vehicle Kit

Item Number:  SKYFiDualLeadCarCradle

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Product Description

This cradle is the original dual-lead SKYFi or SKYFi 2 car cradle. If you have an original SKYFi or SKYFi 2 receiver then this is the cradle for you. It has the green and yellow TER and SAT inputs and will allow to keep your existing antenna even if you have to replace the cradle.

Product Overview

  • Receiver Interface Connection
    Proprietary connector that interfaces with the SKYFi2 receiver.
  • Antenna Connection
    Located on the back side of the cradle is a dual lead antenna input for use with our dual-lead antenna.
  • Line Out
    Stereo minijack for use with cassette audio adapter; using an optional audio cable, you can connect the cradle directly to your receiver's auxiliary input (if your receiver has one).
  • DC In (6V)
    Jack for use with the cigarette lighter power adapter.

Technical Specs

Model #. SKYFiDualLeadCradle
Manufacturer: Delphi
Dimensions: 4.838 in. W x 3.685 in. H x 1.581 in.
Weight: 2.8 oz.
Power: P13 connector, 6V DC, 600 mA
Audio Output: 3.5 mm diameter ministereo jack

Package Includes

  • SKYFi2 Car Cradle

Product Images

audiovox xpress receiver audiovox xpress car kit

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • SKYFi2 Car Cradle Product Manual (PDF)

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