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Dash Trim Panel Tool

A great tool to remove dash panels and radio bezels.

Item Number:  SIT-104

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This handy tool is great for removing dash panels and radio bezels without having to worry about marring or damaging the dash. Made of a smooth acrylic plastic that is super strong. This tool works the best around areas with stubborn retaining clips. Insert between the bezel and dash pad and pry the clip loose with one smooth action.

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Key Features:
• Durable
Made out of a high strength pastic, this tool will hold up to the hardest of dash pannels.

• Easy to Use
Even a novice installer can remove dash pannels and door pannels without breaking clips or cracking the surface.

• Multipurpose
Useful for many diferent projects ranging from installing XM Satellite Radio to new speakers in your car. This tool is a must have for any one interested in tackling any car audio or video installation.

Additional Information

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