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Get Professional Installation of your XM Radio Receiver and FM Modulator with purchase of this card.

XM Radio Professional Advanced Installation

Card Features: • Installation of mobile docking station with antenna and Hard Wire FM Modulator • Product Demonstration • Over 1,500 Locations Nation Wide • Lifetime Labor Warranty With this InstallCard you will have installed a plug-and-play satellite radio docking cradle to your factory or aftermarket car stereo system. Installation includes mounting the docking cradle, wiring the accessory power, and mounting the satellite radio antenna in the rear of the vehicle. Alternately, a professional will install a direct-connect XM Direct satellite radio tuner (not a plug-and-play system) to your aftermarket receiver. This InstallCard includes the installation of a hard wired FM modulator (sold separately). Don't want the hassle of installing your XM Radio? We have you covered! With our pre-paid installation services you can get your XM Radio's car docking cradle and antenna installed by a professional audio installer in your area. There are more then 1,500 locations across the country that will honor this card. Not sure what installation is best for you? Check out our comparrison chart displayed at the bottom of this page! Quality Installation: The installation of a mobile electronics product in your car is as important as the product itself. A properly installed product ensures that it functions correctly, looks good, and does not damage the vehicle, or the factory warranty. Accredited installers, of mobile electronics products, will conduct your installation. These specialists are certified by MECP, the only nationally recognized certification program for 12-volt installers. Our installation professionals will use only approved, authorized parts and procedures in the completion of your installation. We feel so strongly about the expertise of our installers, that we will warranty the labor of your installation for the life of your vehicle. Our Installers are: • MECP Certified • Experienced - minimum 2 years of experience • Insured - complete liability insurance • Nationwide -click for map Important note: This installation does not cover modifications to your vehicle or additional parts needed. If modifications or extra parts are required, you may be charged extra at the time of installation. Your installer will inform you of any additional charges before performing the any work.

Price: $84.99
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