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XM Radio Xpress receiver XMCK10A with vehicle kit

AudioVox Xpress XM Radio Complete Car System

Refurbished AudioVox Xpress portable receiver with vehicle kit and SureConnect

Item Number:  XMCK-10A

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Product Description

AudioVox Xpress XMCK10A, with the new XM Sure Connect, offers great functionality with its sleek design--all at an affordable rate. The Xpress comes packaged with everything needed to receive XM Radio service in any vehcile with an FM radio. You can also play this radio in your home with the Xpress Home Kit (sold seperately) and also with the Xpress Boombox. XMCK-10A comes with the Xpress Car Kit. This includes mounting accessories, 12volt vehicle power adapter, car cradle, mini-micro car antenna, and a cassette adapter. Also included is a full-functional remote control and the Audiovox Xpress Receiver. Please note that this is a refurbished receiver and comes with a 90 day warranty through Satellite Radio Superstore.

Product Overview

  • Great Display
    Easily view channel, artist, song title & info extras via a high-contrast 5-line display
  • Large Tuning Knob
    Move quickly through XM channels with the “Tune & Press” Xpress tuning knob
  • SureConnect
    SureConnect for stronger FM signal
  • Works with Universal Kits
    Universal Plug & Play connector for new XM accessories
  • Check Your Stocks
    Personalized stock ticker tracks up to 20 of your favorite stocks
  • Info Extras
    InfoExtras allows you to keep track of your favorite sports and scores
  • TuneSelect
    TuneSelect™ helps you find your favorite artists and songs on any XM channel
  • Wake up to XM Radio
    Clock, alarm and sleep timer
  • Custom Installation Option
    Hide power wires with the cigarette lighter power socket
  • Warranty
    1 Year warranty through manufacturer.

Technical Specs

Model #. XMCK10
Manufacturer: Audiovox
Weight: 5 ounces

Package Includes

  • Audiovox Xpress XMCK-10 Receiver
  • Vehicle Magnetic Antenna
  • XM Sure Connect results in strong FM signal
  • Vehicle Power Adapter
  • Easy Installation that makes any FM radio an XM Radio
  • Product Manual
  • Remote Control
  • Mounting Kit

Product Images

audiovox xpress receiver audiovox xpress car kit

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Product Videos

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