AudioVox SXSD2 SiriusXM Portable Boombox

SiriusXM SXSD2 onyX Plus onyX EZ Stratus 7 boombox
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OnyX Plus,OnyX EZ,Stratus 7,OnyX,Edge,MiRGE,XMP3,XMP3i,Xpress,XpressEZ,XpressR,XpressRC,XpressRCi,Sportster 5,Sportster 6,Stratus 3 SV3,Stratus 4,Stratus 5,Stratus 6,Starmate 3,Starmate 4,Starmate 5,Starmate 6,Starmate 7,Starmate 8
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Plug and Play,Portable
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SXSD2 Sound System | A/C power supply | Indoor/outdoor XM Radio Antenna | Remote Control

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The SXSD2 is the latest SiriusXM Boombox that will work with both Sirius and XM Radio Receivers.

  • The SXSD2 Portable Sound System features vibrant and dynamic sound with a powerful 30 watt amplifier and 2-way speaker system.
  • It is also equipped with built-in headphone and aux-in jacks
  • One of the best features is a concealed handle and built-in antenna cradle with cable storage for a clean look.

Now you can take your Sirius or XM Radio receiver anywhere. This satellite radio boombox requires a Sirius or XM Radio receiver listed in our compatible receivers section below. The receivers shown in these images are not included. The headphone and aux-in jacks allow you to listen privately with headphones or to play other audio devices, such as mp3 players, through the speakers.


Product Overview

  • Portable
    • Take your XM Radio with you almost anywhere you go with this portable speaker system
  • Amplified Speakers
    • Two way speakers powered by a 30 watt amplifier
  • AC or Battery Power
    • Use in the office, at home, or on the go.
    • The battery power allows you to take the SiriusXM boombox with you wherever your adventures lead
  • Auxiliary Input
    • Connect your favorite iPod/MP3 Player, CD Player, or other audio devices
  • Integrated XM® Antenna
    • Works right out of the box in most locations. 20 ft. home antenna stored on the sound system

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SXSD2
  • Manufacturer: AudioVox
  • Dimensions: 19"x7"x8.5"
  • Weight: 11 lbs

Package Includes

  • SXSD2 Sound System
  • Owner's Manual
  • A/C power supply
  • Indoor/outdoor XM Radio Antenna
  • Remote Control

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