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XM Radio has only one commitment to their customers: programming quality that will give you more listening enjoyment. XM Radio has made the dream of satellite radio into a reality; more commercial-free channels, free from static and free from distortion. XM's technology, management and programming departments are constantly working as a team making all this possible, improving everyday the way to deliver to you the best music.

XM Radio TEAMS....

The Radio Dream Team . . . for Programming without Limits

What would happen if you recruited the most creative professionals in radio and told them to rewrite the rules? Find out with XM Radio, where we're enlisting the most dynamic, knowledgeable radio professionals under our roof, plus some of the best companies and brands in broadcasting. Together we're setting new standards in broadcasting.

Radio has never seen an assemblage of talent and programming like this: the most innovative deejays, compelling hosts and authoritative experts in dozens of different specialties. XM is also the exclusive provider of original satellite radio content from MTV, VH1, NASCAR and many more. In addition, we've teamed with the world's leading broadcasters and content producers including The Discovery Channel, Sesame Workshop, and NASCAR, to name just a few. Spanning 101 different channels, the XM Radio lineup covers your interests as never before.

All rock and roll to us?
Not by a long shot. Whether you're into jazz, blues, classical, rock, pop, folk or something rarer, XM's breadth of programming means you'll find channels to explore your musical interests in depth.

Who's leading the revolution?
Lee Abrams, XM's Chief Programming Officer and Ringleader. Having programmed over 300 successful stations, he's as ready as the rest of us for radical and revolutionary new radio. "e;We're blowin' up the rule book and starting's the only way to create something completely new and adventurous."e;

Who appointed pop music's chairman of the board?
Legendary radio personality Jonathan Schwartz, that's who. He knew Frank Sinatra, was the first to call him chairman, and made it stick. The legend continues on XM's Frank's Place channel, directed by Jonathan Schwartz.

When does the global economy close for the day?
Never. Neither does XM News. Tune in for business and financial news from Bloomberg News Radio, CNBC, CNN, USA TODAY, CNET and the BBC around the clock.

What's so funny?
Programming from National Lampoon, Firesign Theatre and more on XM Comedy - a completely new take on radio humor.

Who and where is the soul of Reggae?
He's Native Wayne Jobson from Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Now this lawyer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and living legend is coast-to-coast on the ultimate Reggae channel, The Joint. Supporting him on the air will be Junior Marvin, former lead guitarist for Bob Marley and the Wailers. Only on XM.

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