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Small XM Radio Receiver Snap XSN1V1

XM Snap XSN1V1 XM Satellite Radio Receiver

AudioVox XM Snap, Simple Installation & Easy to Use

Item Number:  XSN1V1

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Product Description

The XM Snap is here! This is the most simple XM Radio receiver ever made. Now you can enjoy XM Radio service without the need to install a bunch of wires or take apart your dash. Simply plug in the XM Snap into the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle, place the antenna on the car, and tune the radio. It is that easy! The Snap comes with the new PowerConnect technology which creates the best sound quality possible through FM transmission. You get great sound quality without running wires. XM Snap requires an FM Radio or Aux In capability. Use the included Aux In Cable if your vehicle has Aux In capability for best performance. XM Snap requires a cigarette lighter or power adapter socket accessible to the driver. If your vehicle does not have an accessible socket, we suggest the XM OnyX or XpressRCi radio.

Product Overview

  • Simple Installation
    Plug in the XM Snap, place the antenna, and tune the radio.
  • Easy to Use
    Simple controls make it a snap to use
  • Flexible Audio Connection Options
    Use either the included Aux In Cable, or the built in PowerConnect™ FM Transmitter to play audio through your vehicle's stereo system.
  • Channel Scanning
    Scan through the channels in a category to find the one to which you want to listen.
  • Adjustable Neck
    It features a sturdy yet flexible neck taking away any vibration
  • PowerConnect Technology
    Better sound and stronger signal with PowerConnect
  • Favorites Channel Presets
    Store up to 5 of your favorite channels for one touch access.
  • FM Channel Presets
    Store and quickly access 5 FM channels that give you the best audio reception when using PowerConnect.
  • Clear Display
    View artists name, song or program title and channel information on an easy-to-read, high contrast display.
  • Everything in One Package
    Includes everything you need to listen in your vehicle
  • Warranty
    90 Day Warranty through SiriusXM Radio.

Technical Specs

Model #. XSN1V1
Manufacturer: Audiovox
Dimensions: 2.7 inch (W) / 3.13 inch (H) / .06 inch (D)
Weight: Rec. 5 ounces
Power Requirements: 9-16 V DC, 500 mA (max)
Operating Temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Audio Output 1.0 Vrms (max)

Compatible Equipment

  • Coming Soon!

Package Includes

  • Snap XM Radio
  • Vehicle Magnetic Antenna (22.5' cable with signle right angle SMB connector)
  • AUX in Audio Cable
  • XM Radio Channel Guide
  • Quick Guide (English, Spanish)
  • User Guide (English, Spanish)

Product Images

SIRIUS XM Snap Vehicle Receiver Installed XM Snap XSN1V1 Satellite Radio Receiver

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

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