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skydock for iPhone 3 iPhone 4 iPhone 5 power XM XVSAP1V1

XM SkyDock XM Receiver for Apple iPhone and iTouch

XM Skydock for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Item Number:  XVSAP1V1

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Product Description

Now you can get SIRIUS XM on your iPod & iPhone devices. With the XM SkyDock listeners can use their iPod touch and iPhone to listen to all their favorite sports, talk, news, entertainment and commercial-free music programming. Listeners can also tag songs they hear on XM's music channels for later purchase from the iTunes Store-including songs on XM's 24/7 artist branded commercial-free channels. Other features include game alerts and sports ticker, artist and song alerts as well as a stock ticker.

The XM SkyDock is a perfect companion to the SIRIUS XM Premium Online App, which allows subscribers to receive SIRIUS XM's Premium Internet service on their iPhone and iPod touch when they are out of the vehicle and on-the-go, at home, or at the office.

XM SkyDock comes with SIRIUS XM's patent-pending PowerConnectâ„¢ technology, which simplifies Do-It-Yourself vehicle installation, working through the existing vehicle radio and making it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. An Aux In Cable is a standard in-box accessory to facilitate Aux In connections in vehicles with Aux In capability. SkyDock's flexible stalk optimizes the iPod touch or iPhone placement in the vehicle. Customers can view the touch-screen interface in portrait or landscape modes. Accessories include Magnetic Mount Antenna and spacers to accommodate the various iPod touch and iPhone product generations.

XM SkyDock is compatible with iPod touch (1st generation), iPod touch (2nd generation), iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. All models require iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Product Overview

  • Amazing Display
    Take advantage of the beautiful screen on your iPod or iPhone and see everything on a brilliantly colored display rather than a small receiver screen.
  • PowerConnect
    The SkyDock takes advantage of the new SIRIUS XM PowerConnect feature that allows you to play your XM over your car stereo system without the need for wires! PowerConnect replaces the old SureConnect technology previously used by SIRIUS XM.
  • Easy to Use Interface
    Easily view channel, artist, song title & info extras on an interface that you already know and love.
  • Charge n Go
    The SkyDock not only allows you to have XM Satellite Radio inside your vehicle but it also charges your iPhone or iPod while doing so!
  • Zero Functionality Loss
    Your iPod or iPhone will continue to function exactly as it did before so you can continue to make and receive calls and txt messages or use your bluetooth devices all while listening to XM Satellite Radio through it!
  • Warranty
    90 Day Warranty through SiriusXM Radio.

Technical Specs

Model #. XVSAP1V1
Manufacturer: XM
Weight: 1 lb

Compatible Equipment

  • Coming Soon

Package Includes

  • XM Skydock Cradle/Docking Station
  • Vehicle Magnetic Antenna (22.5' cable with single right angle SMB connector)
  • Auxiliary Cable
  • XM PowerConnect built-in to cradle for a high quality audio transmission
  • Vehicle Power Adapter (3.5" cable)
  • Product Manual
  • XM Radio Channel Guide
  • Quick Guide (English, Spanish)
  • User Guide (English, Spanish)
  • Alcohol cleaning pad


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XM skydock itouch xvsap1v1

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