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Weather resistant and Waterproof XM Satellite Radio Remote Control

XM Radio Waterproof Remote Control

This is the only waterproof XM Radio remote control on the market. Perfect for marine or motorcycle use.

Item Number:  XMME-REM

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Product Description

This is the ONLY XM Radio waterproof remote control on the market. Now you can conrol your XM Radio plug and play receiver in a weather condition. With this remote you can change channels, volume, category, and do direct channel input. This remote works with all XM Radio plug and play receivers. Please note that some receivers have firmware that may limit certain button functions.

Product Overview

  • Compatible
    Works with XM Radio receivers that have a remote control sensor.
  • No Programming Needed
    Simply point the remote at the sensor on your unit and enjoy the flexibility of not having to stand right next to your receiver while changing stations. There are no codes or messy instructions to follow.

Technical Specs

Model #. XMRM-1
Manufacturer: probrand
Weight: 4 ounces

Compatible Receivers

  • Compatible with all XM Radio Plug and Play recievers

Package Includes

  • Waterproof XM Radio Universal Remote Control (1)

Product Images

XM Satellite Radio Waterproof Remote Control

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • XM radio Waterproof Universal Remote Control(PDF)

Product Videos

  • Coming Soon

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