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XMP3i Replacement Remote Control XPR1

XMP3i Replacement Remote Control XPR1

XMP3i Replacement Remote Control

Item Number:  XPR1

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Product Description

XMP3i Replacement Remote Control XPR1. This remote control is the same remote control that came originally with your XpressRC, Xpress RCi, Xpress R, XMP3i or XMP3 receiver.

Note: Your remote control may be labled with "XMP3" or "XpressRC" on the top right-hand corener of the remote. This is normal and all remote controls are identical in fuction, appearance, and design.

Product Overview

  • OEM Replacement
    This remote control replaces the OEM remote control for your XM Satellite Radio receiver.
  • Full Function Control
    Wave goodbye to the hassle of getting off your couch to change your XM channel. This remote control is fully functional and gives you the ability to change the channel, adjust the volume, and change any menu settings all from the comfort of your couch or chair.

Technical Specs

Model #. XPR1
Manufacturer: AudioVox
Weight: .25 lbs

Package Includes

  • XMP3i Replacement Remote Control

Product Images

audiovox xpressRC xpressRCi XpressR Pioneer XMP3 XMP3i Replacement SIRIUS XM Remote Control 

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • Audiovox XpressRCi Replacement Remote Control XPR1 Product Manual (PDF)

Product Videos

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