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XM Satellite Radio vehicle antenna with fakra connection

TERK XMicro 2 XM Radio Micro Car Antenna Custom

XMicro2 XM Satellite Radio Antenna with Custom FAKRA Connector. Use This Antenna and Connector with ANY Sirius or XM Radio Receiver with FAKRA Ports.

Item Number:  XMICRO

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Product Description

If you have a pink FAKRA connector on your Sirius or XM Radio receiver this is the antenna and connector you need to get service. This antenna comes with a custom designed FAKRA connector that allows for ANY antenna to be used with a satellite radio receiver that has a FAKRA. The supplied gold fitting goes between the FAKRA housing on the receiver and the SMB plug on the antenna. You can also use this connector with a factory installed satellite radio antenna to connect to ANY satellite radio receiver.

Product Overview

  • The supplied custom FAKRA connector allows this antenna to work with any single lead cradle or receivers with pink FAKRA housing
  • Magnetic mounting with rubberized feet
    Installs instantly without drilling into your vehicle.
  • Includes a 23 foot micro-coax cable
    Can be routed around window moldings and through access holes for a professional, low-profile installation.

Technical Specs

Model #. XMICRO
Manufacturer: XM
Dimensions: 23' long
Weight: 4oz

Compatible Receivers

  • Delphi SKYFi SA1000 and SA5000
  • Delphi SKYFi2 SA10101
  • All XM Satellite Radio systems requiring a pink FAKRA connection
  • Any Sirius or XM Satellite Radio receiver

Package Includes

  • XMicro Vehicle Antenna
  • 23' Antenna Cable

Product Images

Terk X micro FAKRA antenna connector Terk X micro FAKRA antenna connector Delphi SKYFi Pink Connector Cradle Adapter Antenna xmicro pink fakra car antenna satellite radio magnetic roof mount SiriusXM Radio Factory Antenna Plug Adapter Connector

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