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SRCS4WSK Satellite Radio 4-Way Amplified Splitter Kit

Satellite Radio 4-Way Amplified Splitter Kit

Amplified Splitter Kit for connecting up to four Satellite Radio Receivers SR-4

Item Number:  SRCS4WSK

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Product Description

This amplified splitter is optimized for use with all satellite radio systems and allows you to take a single antenna and provide reception to 4 different receivers. It includes the adapters, cables and accessories to permit operation of multiple (up to four) satellite radios from a single antenna.

Product Overview

  • Universally Compatible
    This 4-way splitter kit is compatible with every single-lead XM or SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiver and equipment package.
  • Complete Kit
    This kit comes with everything you'll need to split your existing antenna into 4 outputs. This includes all adapter cables and equipment. You just supply the Coax cable.
  • Supports Output Extensions
    The splitter has 8 dB of excess gain to permit output extensions of up to 70 feet. If cable extensions greater than 70 feet are desired, we recommend using Model SBA-1 line extension amplifier(s) with the splitter. One amplifier (for example) placed at the input of the splitter will permit total cable lengths of up to 200 feet from each individual output port to the radios.
  • Future-Proof
    This splitter can also be cascaded with Model SRSC-2 and Model SRSC-4 couplers to form 8-way and 16-Way splitter networks without the need for external power inserters.
  • No Output Termination Needed
    Unused output ports do not have to be terminated for proper operation.

Technical Specs

Model #. SRCS4WSK
Manufacturer: Satellite Radio Superstore
Dimensions: 3.0" W x 0.86" H x 1.83" D
Weight: 3lbs

Component Specs

4-Way Splitter
Splitter Gain at 2.335 GHz (4.5 VDC): 8 dB
Max noise figure: 3 dB
Max input signal: -10 dBm (with supplied db attenuator @ 4.5 VDC
Will operate outdoors: Yes, from -40 degrees C to + 60 degrees C
Current consumption: 40-100 milliamps
DC power passing: All ports diode protected
DC voltage drop (output to input): 0.5 VDC typical

Compatible Receivers

Package Includes

  • (1) Amplified Splitter
  • (4) F-female to SMB-plug cable (3 feet)
  • (4) F-71 F-male to F-male coupler
  • (2) Mounting Screws

Product Images

SRCS4WSK Satellite Radio 4-Way Amplified Splitter Kit

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