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Samsung Helix Remote Control HELIXREMOTE

Samsung Helix Remote Control

Remote Control Samsung Helix Receiver


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Product Description

This is the same OEM remote control that came in the original Samsung Helix packaging. Whether you're looking to replace a broken or lost remote or simply add another one additional ease, this replacement remote controller is for you.

Product Overview

  • OEM Replacement
    This remote replaces the OEM remote control for your Samsung Helix XM Satellite Radio receiver.
  • Hassle Free Installation
    No programming codes or fancy knowledge needed. Just aim the remote at your receiver and press the button that corresponds to the function you would like to initiate on your receiver.

Technical Specs

Manufacturer: Samsung
Weight: 3ounces

Package Includes

  • Samsung Helix Remote Control

Product Images

Samsung Helix Remote Control HELIXREMOTEOPEN

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • Helix Remote Control Product Manual (PDF)

Product Videos

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