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XM Radio FM Modulator SA10112

Delphi SA10112 FM Modulator Adapter

FM Modulator for XM Radio Receivers

Item Number:  XMFM1

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Product Description

Lose the static and crackle by hardwiring your satellite radio directly to your vehicle’s FM radio. This FM modulator adapter allows you to connect any non-powerconnect XM Radio receiver to your vehicle's in-dash receiver through its FM tuner. It's a great way to enjoy XM's programming through your factory radio. (You must purchase an XM receiver — not included with this item.)

Product Overview

  • Crystal-Clear Audio Quality
    Enjoy the full, crisp sound of Satellite Radio with this direct hardline connection rather than be bothered with static or interference.
  • How It Works
    The adapter takes the signal from the wireless FM modulator that's built into many of the plug and play receivers, and sends it to your car's radio via its antenna jack, so the signal from the XM receiver can be heard over an unused FM frequency.
  • Universally Compatible
    Enables connection to any head unit (adapters can be purchased at your local electronics store if necessary) using any Plug-&-Play Satellite Radio Receiver without PowerConnect.

Technical Specs

Model #. XMFM1
Manufacturer: Delphi
Weight: 12 oz

Package Includes

  • XMFM1 Hardwired Adapter

Product Images

XMFM1 Hardwired XM Satellite Radio SKYFi Xpress XMP3 5volt Power CLA Plug

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