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Antenna Headphone signal booster for Pioneer XMP3i receiver

Pioneer XMP3 / XMP3i Antenna Headphones

Outdoor Antenna Headphones for Pioneer XMP3 & XMP3i Receivers

Item Number:  XMP3HP

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Product Description

The Pioneer XMP3 and XMP3i Antenna Headphones, lets you enjoy your music from your XMP3 or XMP3i with a audio headset with built-in low-profile XM antenna. Now you can take your XMP3 or XMP3i with you on the go, the headset has a new sleek design that fits nicely to the shape of your head, and it also comes with a additional ear bud covers and features a built-in volume control switch. This antenna headphone set will increase the signal reception of the XM signal when outdoors, reducing the impact of tall trees, tall buildings, and other obstructions.

Product Overview

  • Comfortable Fit
    Adjustable, form-fitting earphones
  • Three Choices of Earphone Size
    Choose from small, medium, and large earphone sizes
  • Change Volume on the Fly
    Built-in volume control into the headphone cord
  • Water Resistant
    Use them in any weather

Technical Specs

Model #. XMXMP3AH1
Manufacturer: AudioVox
Weight: 1 lb oz

Package Includes

  • XMP3 / XMP3i Antenna Headphones
  • Additional earphone cushions for small, medium and large sizes

Product Images

pioneer xmp3 antenna headphones xmxmp3ah1 XMP3 Headphones antenna outdoor earphones

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • Product Manual (PDF)

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