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PRO-600 SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio Commercial Antenna

PRO 600 SIRIUS XM Radio Amplified Outdoor Antenna

Commercial grade amplified satellite radio outdoor weather proof antenna designed to work with both SIRIUS and XM Radio receivers via RG-6 cable

Item Number:  PRO600

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Product Description

The PRO600 is a commercial grade weather proof Sirius & XM Satellite Radio antenna with built-in low noise filter and high selectivity interference filter. This antenna has been designed to receive XM and Sirius signals simultaneously. Its wide beam-width permits fast alignment and installation. It is backwards compatible with all existing satellite radio receivers and is ideal for use with next generation interoperable receivers. With this antenna the Sirius Radio signal is captured from the satellites without interference from other signal sources. The PRO-600 is the perfect antenna for commercial and residential installations that require no signal loss. Includes the parts for mounting the antenna on a pole or on the wall and other mounts are optional. The antenna can also be used in conjunction with the Pixel Technologies signal distribution kits. These kits are designed to distribute signal from one antenna to multiple receivers. You can also add the DS3000 "J" pipe outdoor pole mount, made specifically for Satellite Radio antennas. This reliable mount can be used on the side of the house or roof and can be used on either end of pipe for best mounting. The "J" pipe is made of galvanized steel, with a wall thickness of .060 inches, 1.66" OD, 39 inches long, and is E-Coated for maximum protection.

Product Overview

  • Wide beam-width for easy alignment and simultaneous reception of both XM and Sirius
  • For high-end home and commercial installations
  • Can drive up to 200 feet of RG-6 cable with no external amplifiers required
  • Azimuth and elevation adjustments for optimum aiming
  • Two-stage high-quality filtering for ultimate rejection of out-of-band interference
  • Pro-quality mount (no plastic parts)
  • Mounts to any horizontal / vertical surface or pole up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Works with standard RG-6 cable (not included)
  • 8.5 dBi isotropic antenna gain
  • Wide Beam-Width Permits Simultaneous Reception of All XM and Sirius Satellites
* Please note that Satellite Radio Superstore will provide you with a complimentary 25 foot RG-6 cable with pre-made fittings in either white or black. Just choose the color in the drop down list above. If you do not choose a color no RG-6 cable will be included in your package. You must also have an XM tuner and subscription to XM Satellite Radio to receive XM programming.

Technical Specs

Model #. Pro 600
Manufacturer: Pixel
Weight: 3 lbs

Package Includes

  • PRO600 Antenna
  • Pole mount hardware
  • 3 foot F-female to SMB plug adapter cable
  • Weather Boot
  • Wall mount screws and anchors

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