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Inline amp for xm radio commercial antenna kits

Specially designed XM Radio inline amp, needed for every 125 feet of RG-6 cable

Item Number:  SBA-1

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Product Description

This amplifier is specifically designed to work with the XM Radio Antenna Splitter Kits for increasing signal strength. We recommend one amplifier be used for every 125 feet of RG-6 cable. If you need assistance with setting up your extension kit or splitter system please contact our offices and ask to speak with a representative.

Product Overview

  • Clean And Easy Custom Installation
    Allows for antenna cable to be run to desired lengths.
  • Industry Standard Compatibility
    Designed to work with RG-6 cable.
  • Supports Extended Length Cable Runs
    For cable runs over 250 feet we recommend the PS-1 Power Inserter
  • Quality Assurance Tested
    XM Radio approved equement.

Technical Specs

Model #. SBA-1
Weight: 2 ounces

Package Includes

  • Inline Amplifier

Product Images

Download Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • XM Radio Antenna Splitter Kit Product Manual (PDF)

Product Videos

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