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Universal Swivel Vent Mount Pedestal

Vent Mount for XM and Sirius Recievers

Item Number:  SR047S

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Product Description

This new 360° Swivel Vent Mount Pedestal works in all vehicles, using horizontal vent louvers, for XM Radio and Sirius Radio Receivers. This mount will allow you to turn your receiver left, right, or rotate 360°. With this device, portability for your receivers will never be a problem. Note: You will need the AP012 adapter plate if you are using a SIRIUS Satellite Radio Receiver.

Product Overview

  • Instant Installation
    This vent mount requires no tools or time to install. Simply snap on any available vent mount and ajust the height stand for optimal viewing.
  • Universally Compatible
    This works with all currently available XM Satellite Radio Receiver Car Cradles via the T-Notch adapter and with all SIRIUS Satellite Radio Receivers using the AP012.

Technical Specs

Model #. SR047-S
Manufacturer: Arkon
Weight: 1lb

Package Includes

  • Versatile Vent Pedestal

Product Images

xm sirius satellite radio arkon universal vent mount holder adapter sr047 sr047-s sr047s

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